A Labor Of Love

A lesson on the importance of doing things that bring you joy

By Oscar Tuch

July 07, 2021 | 40 Years 40 Lessons

No matter your age, there’s always a dream to work for

When she was a little girl in Guatemala, Cecilia taught herself the traditional method of weaving practiced by indigenous Mayan communities for generations. Now in her 60s, she has spent her life making and selling the colorful textiles of her people.

The grandmother of sponsored child Monique, Cecilia wants to keep weaving as long as she can. “My daughter tells me not to work anymore, but I long to work,” she said. “I feel happy in doing so. To me, it is a blessing from God.”

Watch as Cecilia demonstrates what she loves to do and weaves simple threads into beautiful fabrics.

About the author:

Oscar Tuch works as a regional reporter for Unbound in Guatemala. He captures stories and images of families participating in the Unbound program, focusing on how they use sponsorship and other support to better their lives. In addition to Guatemala, Oscar covers Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.