What Is Possible

A lesson on putting resources in the right hands 

By Erin Coleman and Danika Wolf

November 09, 2021 | 40 Years 40 Lessons

The solutions have always been there

Through our newest platform, Agents of Change, grants of $500 or more give families in the Unbound program the opportunity to lead the way in their communities by identifying which local problems they’d like to solve and putting their plans into action.

Two Unbound marketing and communications team members traveled to the Philippines to visit the site of one Agents of Change initiative, and what they found astounded them. The Agents of Change group selected a neighborhood without toilet facilities, a problem that had been plaguing families in that area for decades, and then they addressed that problem quickly.

Once the right people had the resources they needed, it took just 18 days from inception of the plan to installation of two hygienic and private latrines. Now, more than a hundred families don’t have to deal with living in an urban area with no access to a toilet.

We’re seeing success everywhere Agents of Change has been implemented. Community groups quickly and unanimously agree about their greatest need, and once they’ve been granted the resources to address it, they solve their own problems, their way, in a matter of days.

When it comes to poverty eradication, the solutions have always been present in the communities most affected. The poor aren’t lacking in the skills, expertise, courage, hope and determination needed to eradicate poverty. They are lacking in resources and choices.

And we can change that.

About the authors:

Erin Coleman started her Unbound journey at the age of 10 when her family sponsored Brenda from Guatemala. Now Unbound’s marketing manager, she has traveled with and met sponsors, sponsored friends and staff in six countries where Unbound works. She loves to discover and share their stories of connection.

Danika Wolf is a multimedia editor for Unbound. She's been spotted in Unbound communities with one camera strapped to her head and another one in her hand. In the Philippines, her team discovered she's also a pro behind the karaoke mic, however, she's requested that footage stay in the vault.