Elder Sponsorship | Colombia

Elders visit the ocean

Unbound elders see ocean for first time

Their whole lives they’d dreamed of the sea — of walking on the sand to the ocean’s edge and taking in its vastness, of wading in its sun-kissed, blue-green waters and breathing in its aroma carried on a cool breeze. It was a lovely dream inspired by stories they’d heard and pictures they’d seen, but it was only a dream until someone listened, and then it was possible.

For more than 30 elders sponsored through Unbound’s Antioquia program in Colombia, their dream became real when they boarded a plane in Medellin and traveled to the coastal city of Cartagena to see the ocean. Most of the elders had never been far from their communities in and around the landlocked city of Medellin, so seeing the ocean wasn’t something they thought they’d do in their lifetimes.

Elder sponsorship through Unbound helps provide medicine, food and clothing to adults 60 and older who are living in extreme poverty and isolation around the world. In addition to providing benefits that address immediate needs for health services and nutrition, Unbound works with elders to identify their dreams and help them set goals to achieve throughout the remainder of their lives. More than 30,000 elders across 18 countries are currently sponsored through Unbound.